In 1946, after world war II, the Wurlitzer 1015 astonished the world with its fascinating sight of light and sound. Chrome and glitter, turning light pillars with dazzling changing colours were unique in those days. All these characteristics return in the Wurlitzer One More Time CD.
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CD wheel with 100 vertically positioned CDs that throug an ingenious mechanism are played horizontally. A display shows CD and number (number 1014 for instance is track 14 on CD 10). All functions of One More Time CD, such as the number of chosen tracks are controlled by a microprocessor, which also automatically keeps most played tracks up to date. An infrared remote control for loudness regulation is a standard accessory. It is also possible to connect the jukebox with an external amplifier.

Voltage: 230V (if necessary adabtable to 110V or 240V).
Size: height 152.0 cm,
depth 64 cm,
weight 157 kg.

De Wurlitzer OMT is ook in  Single uitvoering leverbaar!
With a press of the button 60 big program cards (each program card contains the titles of a CD in the jukebox) are turned, 6 program cards a time. A stereo amplifier has automatic loudness regulation and is overload-proof.
The output of the amplifier is 200W at most.
Two loudspeakers with threeway system guarantee optimal sound quality. Professional Philips CD player.

De Wurlitzer OMT is also available in singles version!
Wherever a One More Time CD is placed, in representative business accommodations, hotelbars, party basements or living rooms, this nostalgic jukebox is an optical and acoustic eye-catcher.
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